Varsity Lettering

At the beginning of each season the members of each squad should be informed by their coach of the requirements for winning a letter in that sport.

A student is awarded one letter per career regardless of the number of sports they play.

Varsity letters will be awarded to members of any school activity that meets the following criteria and submits a lettering policy to the Activities Director. The lettering policy must be approved by the school administration.

Criteria the activity must meet:
1. Be an extracurricular program that does not receive an academic grade in the regular curriculum.
2. Meet outside the regular school day and have a regular schedule of organized practices.
3. Engage in a season of competition or performance. A season is defined as a minimum of 100 clock hours of activity.
4. Is a school-sponsored activity directed by a salaried, school employee with proper certification
5. Adhere to all eligibility standards as stated in relevant school district policies.
6. Letters may be awarded to students who have completed the season, fulfilled all their obligations and are under no suspensions for violations of Minnesota State High School League or District 241 Rules and Regulations.
7. A coach can, at his discretion, award a letter in an unusual or unique circumstance if he feels that an athlete is deserving.