About Us

The mission of the Albert Lea Area Learning Center is to help students in special circumstances achieve success upon which they can build.

ALC students are:

  • resilient
  • unique
  • hopeful
  • strong
  • persistent
  • determined
  • an ecclectic group of learner
  • detemined to earn their high school diploma 


Impact of ALC moving to Riverland:

  • students have recognized the impact of education in their lives
  • positive role models in the college environment
  • grasping the importance of engagement and making regular progress
  • motivation to finish diploma
  • proximity to Workforce Development Center
  • proximity to Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • availability to tour programs at Riverland that peek student interest
  • exposure to college and career program opportunities
  • future opportunity to build a relationship between ALC and Riverland
  • students recognize college can be a reality for them
  • improved learning environment