Teacher of the Year Nominations 2019

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

District 241 Teacher of the Year

Welcome to the 2019 Teacher of the Year (TOY) nomination time. Take some time to celebrate those teachers who are an inspiration to students, families, and colleagues with their gift of teaching and making a difference. Public appreciation of teacher contributions is felt deeply but often goes unexpressed. The purpose of the Teacher of the Year Program is to express appreciation to the many outstanding educators whose examples serve as inspiration to parents, students, and fellow teachers. In no way is the teacher to be considered the best teacher in the district, but is representative of the many teachers who daily influence the lives of students. Anyone who is currently teaching in District 241 is eligible for nomination however finalists must have completed at least three full school years in our system. Nomination forms are available via the links below or at the school offices. Forms are due by Tuesday, January 22. Thank you for your consideration!