Amy Brouwers

Amy Brouwers
Social Worker | Halverson
Office 507-379-4909 / Mobile 507.320.9341

Amy Brouwers has worked in the district since 2013. She earned her BSW degree through Winona State University and her MSW degree through St. Kates and St Thomas. Her previous work consists of School Social Worker for Glenville-Emmons and Mental Health Practitioner for Austin Public Schools.

She is the building liaison for The McKinney–Vento Homeless Assistance Act, the CTSS Mental Health Professional for the building, and is a member of the building Problem Solving Team and building Climate Committee. 

Amy is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed School Social Worker.  She is a member of NASW, SSWA and is a co-representative for MSSWA Region 1.

As a vital link between the home, the school and the community, School Social Workers have unique training and knowledge about mental health to address the emotional needs of children using evidence-based interventions such as:

*Providing Individual and Group counseling                         

*Evaluation and Assessment                

*Peer Conflict                      

*Crisis Prevention and Intervention  

*Attendance Concerns                                                              

*Community Resources                         

*Family Issues                     

*Violence Prevention and Intervention

*Social Emotional Learning                                                     

* Challenging Behaviors                        

*Grief and Loss                   

*Children’s Mental Health Needs