JAM World Record

Monday, October 1, 2012

On Sept 27th all  Sibley students participated in the Jam World Record.    JAM World Record is a fun campaign to rally everyone to pause and take just a minute for a fitness break.  This campaign is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of making activity a daily habit, ensuring our kids learn healthy habits at a young age and our schools have access to quality physical education programs.  JAM stands for “just a minute”


Physical Activity Helps:

Build strong bones and muscles

Improve mental clarity, productivity & mood

Prevent cancers and diseases


All of the Sibley students performed an exercise routine at 8:30AM in their classroom. Students in all fifty states will also be performing this routine.   

Students can visit the JAM World Record website and track how the state of MN is doing as far as winning the title for the most exercise participants.